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Company Car Leasing Milton Keynes

Company Car Leasing Milton Keynes

FLEET MANAGEMENT  450x300Grosvenor Leasing has the perfect blend of people and systems to deliver hassle-free company car leasing in Milton Keynes. We manage fleets of all assizes and sectors, including some of the best known car and commercial vehicle fleets in the UK, and you’re always guaranteed contract hire with a personal touch.

We know that efficient processes can make the running of a fleet relatively stress free, and that’s why our dedicated team has implemented efficient systems. Our service portfolio has been developed to include solutions for all makes and models of car, and we’re equipped to deliver the following services:

  • Contract hire
  • Easi-lease: Our flexible, short-term solution
  • Daily Rental/Day Hire
  • Fleet management
  • Accident Management
  • Risk Management
  • Fuel Cards
  • Consultancy and Advice
  • Development of fleet policies
  • Breakdown and Recovery

To learn more about any of the services listed above, call today on 01536-536-536.

Cost Effective Company Car Leasing in Milton Keynes – Why Choose Grosvenor?

We’ve worked with a diverse range of clients for more than three decades, and our contract hire services include plenty of benefits. With a full maintenance contract, you not only get reduced administration, reliable vehicles over a predetermined period, mileage at a fixed monthly rental; you also get zero risk on disposal and no increase in company gearing. We also deliver a fully managed process for short-term daily rentals, and these are suitable for up to 28 days, while all vehicles in this package are less than 6 months old with less than 14,000 miles. With this option, you get highly competitive rates, supply and delivery within 2 hours from mainstream vehicles and free breakdown recovery.

Our Easi-Lease option is another alternative, and it bridges the gap between long-term and short-term projects. You again get the complete process managed, but the minimum hire period is 75 days. Accident management can also be included with company car leasing in Milton Keynes, and this is designed to minimise driver and vehicle downtime, while Grosvenor Leasing’s accident management service takes control of the entire process. We liaise with insurance companies, instruct 3rd party recovery, provide detailed incident reports and arrange temporary vehicle over and the eventual return of the repaired vehicle.

Innovative Corporate Car Leasing in Milton Keynes

We’re not just here to relieve you and your employees of the time consuming burden that comes with managing vehicles and drivers, we’re here to save you money.

Our enhanced buying power, experienced team and our sophisticated fleet management system can save your company time and money, and you can find out more about our company car leasing in Milton Keynes by calling us on 01536-536-536. Alternatively, you can request a call-back by using our online enquiry form.