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0Zone is Grosvenor Leasing’s forward-thinking service to advise, help and support its customers through the transition of becoming a zero or low emission fleet.

The shift towards EVs and ULEVs is not something that is going to go away and all companies operating vehicle fleets will ultimately make the transition to a new era of fuel technology, which is why its important to be pro-active and start planning now.


  • Support in the development of a low emission vehicle policy
  • Advice on the steps required to move smoothly through the evolution towards Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs)
  • Assistance with plug-in and hybrid demonstration vehicles (subject to availability)
  • Help with the cultural change involved in encouraging drivers into a new era of company vehicle
  • Support in reaching timely decisions about when your green strategy should begin
  • Budgeting advice, forecasts and help with the financial implications of choosing EVs and ULEVs

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