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Nationwide Car Rentals

As a fully managed process, Grosvenor handles all aspects of your daily rental hire for you – from initial reservation to final invoice.

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From the outset, we agree a daily rental policy with you setting rules for the types of vehicles drivers are entitled to and who is able to make bookings. These rule sets are an important aspect of containing your costs – avoiding drivers choosing cars above their entitlement or hiring them without authorisation.

Once on hire, we also manage each vehicle with careful supervision, using our daily rental system to prompt reminders for vehicle return, and making sure that costs are tightly controlled. A big expense with daily rental can be ‘rental drift’ whereby drivers keep cars for an extra day or over the weekend and we ensure this is not permitted without additional authorisation.


Easi Lease Vehicle Hire

Easi-Lease bridges the gap between long-term Contract Hire vehicles and short-term Daily Hire vehicles, offering price advantages for ‘medium term’ requirements.

The minimum hire period is 75 days, however after that vehicles can be returned with immediate notice or kept for up to 2 years.

Visit the Grosvenor Rental Management Website >>

As a carefully managed solution, Grosvenor Rental Management will always ensure that Easi-Lease vehicles are only used when the need calls for it, and are not retained by drivers longer than required.

Easi-Lease offers significant benefits for staff induction periods, short-term projects which involve a vehicle, international employees based in the UK for more than a month, or when companies are uncertain as to their vehicle requirements and do not wish to commit to longer-term contract hire.


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