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Driver Care

Fleet Risk Management

Drive-Care helps fleet managers comply with their health and safety at work and Duty of Care obligations, and has the added advantage of significantly reducing vehicle accident costs. Even small knocks and scrapes can be very costly, and by reducing your accident repair bill through safe driving policies has huge advantages.

Drive-Care aims to simplify the subject of corporate obligations to drivers and compliance with the law by offering a variety of tools and services.


    • Online Driving Licence Checks – for easy and accurate licence checking
    • Fleet Risk Assessments – for a safe, legal and compliant vehicle fleet
    • Driver Profiling – to pinpoint driver risk and only provide training to those who need it
    • E-Driver Training – an effective, low cost, driver training solution online
    • On Road Driver Training – for high risk drivers that need on-road tuition
    • Driver Seminars – tackling the causes of accidents and how to avoid them
    • Producing a successful Fleet Policy – a template that can be tailored to your company requirements
    • Compilation of Driver Handbooks – to ensure all drivers understand and agree to the company driving policies
    • Cost Benefits – less accidents, lower repair bills, reduced driver downtime, less short term hire costs and improved insurance premiums

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